The Wireless Operators

Here you’ll find some information on the two wireless operators aboard Titanic. Like with the Captain and his Crew, I’m still researching, but for right now this is the info I have. This information has been updated for a more understandable and informative research!

The Wireless Operators: Names in red means they died on that night April 14/15 1912. Senior Wireless Operator: John George Phillips (Jack)
Junior Wireless Operator: Harold Sidney Bride Age of Operators: When on the Titanic. Jack Phillips: Age= 25
Harold Bride: Age= 22 About Harold Bride:

Born in Nunhead, England in 1890 (I believe). He joined the Marconi Co. in July of 1911. He first worked on the Hoverford, then the Lusitania, and then the Titanic. He boarded the Titanic in Belfast. Years later, in World War 1, he worked as the wireless operator on a tiny steamer called the Mona’s Isle. He later went into the career as a salesman before retiring to Scotland. He died on Sunday, April 29th 1956.

That Fateful Night, April 14/15 1912…

       On that night, both Harold Bride and Jack Phillips were busy sending messages and receiving them. They received numerous Iceberg warnings during that day. When they got word that the ship had struck an Iceberg, they both worked feverishly sending messages of distress. Even after the captain excused them, they continued on, especially Jack Phillips. After the power finally ran down, they realized there was nothing more to do. I’m not sure what Jack Phillips did next, but Harold Bride went on the boat deck and started helping with the preparation of Collapsible B. When doing this, a wave came on deck and Harold Bride found himself under the collapsible boat. He said -it felt like forever that he was under it! Finally he managed to get free from under it. He said himself he didn’t know how. Already there was men aboard the over turned collapsible, but one fellow (Jack Thayer Jr.) helped him onto the boat. Hours after the great ship sank, the collapsible boat was starting to sink beneath them. Bride couldn’t feel his feet, not only were they in freezing water, but some guy was sitting on them. He said to a New York Times guy that “I had not the heart left to ask the man to move.” Harold Bride suffered from Frost Bite in both his feet, but was okay. After being rescued by the Carpathia, he was asked to help out their wireless Operator (Harold Cottam). (Who had been working all day and all night!) Later he found out that his best friend (Jack Phillips) was on the same collapsible boat as he, but died before being rescued, probably from exposer to the cold Atlantic air/water.

The Distress Messages: Here are three of many distress messages sent out from the Titanic. The first two was received by the S.S. Birma. ‘MGY’ is Titanic’s letters, originally the letters were ‘MUC’.


Origin.Station. = Titanic | Time Handed in. = 11 H.45M. April 14/15 1912. | Remarks. = Distress Call Ligs Loud.

Cqd – Sos. from M. G. Y.

We have struck iceberg sinking fast come to our assistance. Position Lat. 41.46 n. Lon. 50.14. w. M.G.Y.

(Time Handed in. = 11 H.45M. means, H standing for Hour

and M standing for minute. Result = 11 45 pm.)


Origin.Station = Titanic | Time handed in. = about 1-40 a.m. C/O SOS SOS CQD cqd – MGY We are sinking fast passengers being put into boats MGY


CQ MGY – Women and Children in boats cannot last much longer MGY