The Pet Clan

Welcome to my pets’ page! This is where you can meet my beloved pets:

Thomas, Squiggy, and rainbow bridge pup Maxwell.

The Pet Clan (The Clan, for short) was founded by Thomas, Squiggy and

Maxwell in 2000. Though Max has passed on, the two cats of the clan, (Thomas and Squiggy) have vowed to keep the clan going! The Pet Clan, was made to honor all the pets who have stepped paw into my life. This page is to honor them and to remember them. I love all of the pets who have owned me (past and present), and that’s way I made this page. So, sit back, relax, get some catnip and doggie bones, and enjoy learning about The Pet Clan!

.:|The Clan’s Bios|:.

Thomas -Cat- ~*~ Maxwell-Dog- Squiggy-Cat-~*~­* *



I miss him so much!!!



The Pet Clan 1912 won this award on May 24th 2001 when I had Titanic’s Echoes.

“Thanks My World of Cats for this wonderful award! We were so honored to receive it!”

~The Clan