Here are some books that I have for researching the Titanic and WWII. At this time I don’t have very many books on WWII, but I plan to get more in the future, since I want to research some aspects of WWII!! Anyway, along with the title, I have added the author, and a small description of each book to help give you an idea of what book you may need or want. I hope this helps you some!

P.S. These books are in category order. R.M.S. Titanic:

  • TITANIC: An Illustrated History
    By Don Lynch / Ken Marschall
    Published in: 1992
    (Very illustrated book. Has lots of pictures.
    And is one of my personal favorite books.)
  • TITANIC: A Journey Through Time
    By John P. Eaton & Charles A. Haas
    Published in: 1999
    (A very detailed book. Very VERY well researched.
    Another one of my favorites, also has a lot of pictures!)
  • TITANIC: Triumph and Tragedy
    Second Edition
    By John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas
    Published in: I believe in 1994, however has been
    reprinted many times: 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.
    (VERY very well researched; yet another one of my favorites!
    Lot’s and lots of pictures, and information! Also includes
    the Passenger list.)
  • The Discovery of The TITANIC
    By Dr. Robert D. Ballard
    Published in: 1987, reprinted in 1998
    (This book is wonderful! I haven’t read all of it, but the pictures
    alone tell a story. Has wonderful pictures of the Titanic wreck!
  • On Board The Titanic
    By Shelley Tanaka
    Published in: 1996
    (This book is good. It’s a small book, but is very interesting.
    It’s about Harold Bride and Jack (John) Thayer Jr.)
  • The Story Of The TITANIC as told by it’s survivors Edited by Jack Winocour
    Published in: 1960
    (Has chapters out of three books: ‘The Loss Of The S.S. TITANIC’ by Lawrence Beesley, ‘The Truth About The Titanic’ by Archibald Gracie, and TITANIC by Commander Charles Lightoller. As well as the story by Harold Bride for the New York Times. Very good book!)
  • A Night To Remember
    By Walter Lord (Now very hard to get)
    Published in: 1955
    (Is very very interesting, though I personally haven’t
    read all of it yet. However, it was well researched for it’s
    time! And also includes the passenger list.)
  • The TITANIC Disaster Hearings
    Edited By Tom Kuntz
    Published in: 1998
    (This book is another one of my favorites! It’s the
    transcripts of the 1912 senate investigation.)
  • TITANIC: The Official Story
    From P.R.O.
    (This is a document pack that I found by ‘accident’.
    Very neat, has copies of some of the original documents.)
    By Leo Marriott
    Published in: 1997
    (This was my first Titanic book, it gives you the over
    all look of the Titanic disaster.)
  • James Cameron’s TITANIC
    Published in: 1997
    (It’s the book for the movie Titanic.
    It gives you details about the movie and stuff.)


  • Spy Book
    The Encyclopedia of Espionage
    “Updated and Revised Edition”
    By Norman Polmar & Thomas B. Allen
    Published in: 1997, 1998
    (A Huge dictionary about all kinds of spy stuff. Including
    missions during WWII. Such as The Enigma, etc…)
  • Submarines Of WWII
    By Erminio Bagnasco
    Published in: 1977, reprinted in 2000
    (A very informative book on all classes of submarines.
    Looks over German U-Boats, U.S. Subs, French Subs,
    Japanese Subs and more.)