This page will give you some very important information about my site. So please read on for more information. 😀


About History Rediscovered:
Please read “Behind the Scenes”! 🙂

About the Historical Information on this site:
The information on this site have been put together by me, from my research. All the information on this site was gathered from books and documents, and have not been taken from other sites.
!Unless otherwise stated!

Information you submit:
For those who are like me, that are not sure whether they should submit information (i.e. adopt, sign up to things, etc…) in fear of getting junk mail or spam, please rest assured that any information you submit here will not be given to any body other than myself. You will not get any junk mail or spam, so don’t give that a second thought! 🙂

How did you make this site?
This site was made with pure HTML. I used Netscape Composer for the longest time, but then changed over to HTML. I find HTML is better! (Much better!) The graphics that I’ve made, were made with both Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photo Impact 6. Interesting, isn’t it? LOL!

Where and how did you learn HTML?:
I’ve learned some HTML from my mom, but it wasn’t until 2002 that I actually tried making my site in pure HTML. I have a book I use as well called “HTML: For the World Wide Web ~4th Edition” by Elizabeth Castro. It helped me A LOT in my frames and redoing my forms and a lot of my HTML. But I’ve also brushed up some of my skills at Lissa Explains it All. However, most of my HTML was learned from a great deal of sources. lol!

Can you make me some graphics?:
I’m sorry, but I’m afraid not; I’m not very good at making graphics for someone on demand. First off, it takes a great deal of work and time to make graphics, and it’s very hard to know what exactly you’re wanting through e-mail, etc. Plus, I just don’t have the time. 🙁

Can you make me a site?:
Uhh… I’m afraid not. It’s hard enough to keep up with this site, let alone two sites. I’ve tried that once (I had two sites that is) and it did NOT work out. I tend to spend more time on one than the other. I don’t need that; I already spend way to much time on the computer as it is. lol! Besides, wouldn’t it be better if you could learn how to make a site yourself? Therefore you can add/delete/create things yourself, instead of having to rely upon someone else? *shrugs* I think it would be. 😉

What is PNG?
PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphics”. It’s like .gif or .jpg. The difference is unlike with .gif or .jpg it allows you to save both photographs and text/pixel graphics together without distorting neither the photo nor the text/pixel graphic(s). The only thing is that unless you or your visitor(s) are using IE4+ or NS4+ you or your visitor(s) won’t be able to view the image. And it can also take a while to load. :-/ However, it’s worth it if you’re trying to achieve a certain look, etc… I do tend to use .png more often now. But I still use .gif and .jpg as well. My apologies to those who may not be able to see them, or that may take a while to load them. 🙁

Okay, how come when I right click, nothing happens?
This is because I have the ‘No Right Click’ code. (Which you can find at Dynamic Drive.) I added this code to protect my graphics mostly. I realize that not everyone likes this. But there shouldn’t be any reason for you to be ‘right clicking’ on my site. (Other than when I have downloadable things, such as ‘Buddy Icons’, etc.) I’ve taken the liberty of making sure that all outside links open in their own window. (To prevent being ‘stuck’ in frames) As well as making sure all of my links within HR open in their respectful window. If you’re wondering how I did something, you can always e-mail me and ask. Or you can always search the net. 🙂

Umm… Okay, whose Driana, and whose Dria?
lol! That would be me, Adriana. I sometimes like to go by Driana or Dria. You’re probably wondering where I came up with these names, huh? Well, look closely: Adriana and Adriana. 😀 There you go. It’s like a nickname for my nickname. lol! ;-D

Is Adriana your real name?:
I’m going to be very honest with you and say no. Yes, I did have my real name up on HR before, but decided to take it done. (Mainly because I’m not a fan of my real name. lol) Besides, I used Adriana since the moment I came on-line. It’s almost like my real name anymore. lol!

Can you make adoptables for my site?
Umm, I’m afraid not… Yes, I did make adoptables for a forum I go to, but that was a one time deal only. Sorry folks… 🙁

What are these Dogz?:
Dogz is a computer game. It’s a virtual dogz game. You can adopt, raise, breed and play with your own dogz. They’re so adorable and so sweet! But are also a handful at times. lol! I don’t know why, but you tend to become very prideful and attached to them. Like they’re your own babies. lol! I have the original Dogz, Dogz3, and Dogz4. But I only have Dogz3 in my system at this time. (I prefer it over them all) You can find out more about my dogz by clicking here, and find out more about the Petz game here. Anyway, you’ll probably see some of my dogz in some layout themes and stuff like that. Why? Because, I just love them so much!! lol! P.S. In case you’re wondering, this site is not what they call a “Petz” site!

Why won’t you join clubs, top 10+, web rings, or website competitions?
Because, I don’t want to. *shrugs* What more can I say? LOL! 😉 No, actually, it’s not that I dislike these things, it’s just I personally don’t want to join them at this time. Especially website competitions. My site was NOT made for competition, and nor do I want it to be! I made this site for my own pleasure. I have nothing against those who own or participate in them. Just as long as you don’t bug me to join them. lol! As for the other things, I just don’t have the time, nor the actual want to join. This is not to say that I will never join these things in the future, (Except for the website competitions) but, if I want to join, I will do so in my own time! 😉

What’s Copyrighted to HR?
All graphics (i.e. backgrounds, dividers, adoptables, etc..) on this site have been made by me. All graphics and images of my pets and family, etc.. are copyrighted by History Rediscovered (Me)! !Unless otherwise stated! Please honor my request of NOT stealing or copying anything off this site, without my written permission. Also, please give credit where credit is due!!

P.S. Please check the Acknowledgments page for further credits!