Max’s Memorial


Maxwell Rudolph September 27th 1992 ~ July 8th 2001

On July 8th 2001 at 4:45 pm ct., Maxwell Rudolph, from our very own Pet Clan, died of a heart attack. Even though we knew he was getting up in age, still it was (and is) very hard to believe and to accept! Though I dearly love my other two pets (Thomas and Squiggy) still I knew Max for 8 1/2 years. He was the oldest of the clan, and which is why he was called “The old, but wise pup”. He was my buddy, we did a lot of things together,  one thing I’ll never forget was when I would go out in the backyard to ride my bike, he was there to watch over me, he was like a guard dog! Max was truly the best dog I ever knew/owned! He was the most sweetest, gentle spirited, loyal, dog that you could ever imagine. And it wasn’t until his death that I realized how special he was to me, not to mention to the whole family! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Max with all my heart, but sometimes you don’t realize how special a pet is until they depart from you, it’s the same with people too! The day that he died was pretty unreal, it wasn’t until July 11th that I could finally put a short message about his death on my site. It was very hard for me to talk about Max for about 3-4 days, (In fact, it was hard on the clan as well) but finally I was able to talk about Max without crying, and was also able to remember all the good memories he has left me.

Funny though, on July 8th, (before Max died) Tommy saw him. He went up to Max and sniffed him a little, then sat down beside him for about a minute or two. He got up and took a couple steps then looked back at him; he did that about 3-4 times. As if he knew Max was dying and was saying his last goodbye. Something else that’s also weird is, Squiggy (after Max died) for about three days, he would go throughout the house crying. (well meowing, but in a crying way, hard to explain) I believe he was missing Max, though Max and Squiggy never got along too much, still I think he truly missed him. (and probably still does) Anyway, one thing is for sure, Max will always be remembered, not only for his cute little face, but his sweet and gentle personality! And he will be forever immortalized as ‘The Old, But Wise Pup’ of The Pet Clan!

In my closing words, I would like to say this: Max, I miss you very much, it’s just not the same without you. However I know that you’er happy and in a better place! And that makes me happy! So, Farewell, my buddy! You will forever be remembered!


A Memorial from The Clan…

It’s been very hard for us to believe and to accept Max going to the rainbow

bridge. We were truly like brothers! He was truly a pal! Sure we’ve had our bad times, like all siblings do. However we were like the Three Musketeers; All for one, and one for all! Max, we miss you very much! The Pet Clan will continue, in your honor! Still, The Clan just won’t be the same without you! However Max, you will never be forgotten! Gone you may be, but never forgotten!


Tommy and Squiggy


Thanks so much My Cats Corner for the memorial card! It’s so beautiful!


This award was given to The Pet Clan 1912, in memory of Maxwell! We received this award on August 6th 2001 from “My World Of Cats”! Thank you so much, this award is very special to me, as well as The Pet Clan 1912!


Thank you so much, Sir Chancy and Nightowl for this wonderful Memorial plaque! The Clan and I love it! It’s so beautiful! Thanks so much Annie, for the memorial button. It’s wonderful! That’s Max alright, he sure loved the camera! 🙂

The Memorial Form Signings:

The Date & Times on these guest signings, is the date & time I received them.  Which may differ from the times the guest submitted their signings.

Name: Sir Chancy & Nightowl
Where are you from: Michigan, USA
Comments: Maxwell Rudolph was a very fortunate dog to have lived his life
with you and the Pet Clan of 1912. It’s always so sad to loose a friend,
but it’s so comforting to know your friend knew he was loved.
Thank you for sharing his story, and his memorial!
Date & Time: Saturday, September 1st.  2:25am

Name: Troubie
Where are you from: Furida
Comments: Mew Pet Clan, All of the Colletti Crew are furry sad to hear of
Max’s crossing the bridge. We send sympathetic purrs to Max and to the
furmily that is left. Rememfur he is happy and healthy now and is with
mew in spirit. Purrs, Troubie & furmily
Date & Time: Sunday, September 2nd.  3:14am

Name: Lisa & Kitties
Where are you from: Sweden
Comments: We know Max meant a great deal to you as our pets are not only
our furry companions but dear friends.  May his memories live in your heart
always and the love you have for him never cease!  And maybe…just maybe
Max and Pepper have become “buddies” at Rainbow Bridge.  Wouldn’t that be
neat? Hugs and Purrs, Lisa & kitties=^..^=
Date & Time: Sunday, September 2nd.  1:51pm

Name: Annie
Where are you from: Indiana, USA
Comments: Hi! I received the newsletter on Saturday and decided to visit
Max’s page. The page is very touching. I almost feel like I knew him after
reading it. Anyway… here is your little banner from me to you and Max. I
have one just like it up on my new page, which STILL isn’t finished yet.
lol. Hope you like the little banner!
Date & Time: Monday, September 3rd.  3:01pm

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I want to thank everyone who has signed the memorial guestbook (form),

and who has given us these wonderful memorial plaques, cards, and buttons. Thank you for your support and for helping us through this difficult time! We truly appreciate it!! You have no idea how much this all means to us! Thank you! ~Adriana and The ClanCopyright© 2002-2003 History Rediscovered