This page is to show who this site is dedicated to and to thank those who have helped me with my site, and who have helped me in my life, etc…

This site is Dedicated to:

• My Grandfather
• Great Uncle Roscoe
• Great Uncle Floyd
• Great Uncle Wren
• Great Uncle Bob
• Great Uncle Vernon
• Great Uncle Chuck
• Great Uncle Bub
• Harold Bride (Wireless Operator on Titanic)
• Wallace Hartley, (Bandmaster on the Titanic)
And the rest of the band.
• William Murdoch (First officer on Titanic)
• Thomas McKean (Signer of Declaration of Independence)
All those who fought and died during WWII, and those who died and survived the Titanic disaster. And of course, all of my family! P.S. Not to forget my sweet dear lovable pets; Squiggy Tiger Murdoch, Thomas Amadeus and Maxwell Rudolph (Who is no longer with us!!)

A Special Thank You to:

  • God: For His guidance and grace.
    My Mom: For helping me get started on the web.
    Fred (Music Teacher): For helping me learn violin and piano.
    Stephanie (Jade): For helping me out with different things!

My Net Friends:
º Jade (Chinnitude)
º Sassy (O&M Chin Din)
º Capnsweets (Paw-Talk Forums)
º Becki (Paw-Talk Forums)
º Laura (Kitty Kat Korner)
º Nightowl (The CoolChance Site)
º Toni (The Calico Girls)
º Lisa (My World of Cats)
º Bj (The Early Birds Nest)
º Charlyne (My Cats Corner)
º Annie (All The Colors of The Rainbow)
º And all those who I accidentally left out (please forgive me)
For being great pals!!

My off-line Friends:
º Liz
º Melissa
º Kayla
º Joe
º Steph
For being great friends; even if we don’t see or talk very often. ;-D

And You: For coming to my site! ^_^

Giving Credit, where Credit is due

The sites listed below have helped HR by providing free Java Scripts, HTML tips, CGI scripts, etc… Thank you so much for everything! 🙂 *psst* HR is NOT responsible for the contents on the below sites. Some may not be suitable for younger viewers. :-/ (Due to cussing and other such words.)

  • JavaScript Source
    • Dynamic Drive
    • JavaScript Kit
    • SwayMyWay (For Quiz & iFrame Transparency Code)
    • Lissa Explains it All
    • Matt’s Script Archive, Inc. (For CGI Guestbook Script)
    • BigNoseBird (For CGI Form Script)
    • phpBB (For the PHP Forum script)