Now, to learn more about The Webmistress of History Rediscovered…

Well basically, my site is about me. Or at least, about what I love; History, Titanic, My Family, My pets, etc… Since I don’t like giving out personal information about myself, a lot of things will stay confidential. Let’s see… I’m a Christian (and proud of it!!!), I’m learning two instruments (violin and piano) and I love working on my website! (when I have the time) My real name isn’t Adriana, but I prefer to go by Adriana on-line. It’s more like my on-line stage name. lol! I was born and am growing up here in the wonderful U.S. of America! But, I also have Scottish, Irish, German, French, and Cherokee/Black Foot Indian in me. (My Scot-Irish shows more than any of them. lol!) Anyway, that’s that. (For now at least. lol!)

       Driana (Adriana)

Small Profile:

Online Nicknames:

Adriana, Driana, Dria, MusicPawz

Favorite Color:

Blue… Kinda hard to tell, huh? lol! ;-D

Favorite Movies:
º U-571
º Pearl Harbor
º The Wedding Planner
º Behind Enemy Lines
º Titanic

Favorite Actors:
º Matthew McConaughey
º Bill Paxton

Favorite TV Shows:
º Barney Miller
º The Jeff Corwin Experience
º The Crocodile Hunter
º Seinfeld
º I Love Lucy
º The Dick Van Dyke Show
º Perfect Strangers
º Welcome Back Kotter
º Hogan’s Heroes

Favorite Music:
º Celtic
º Ragtime
º 50s
º 60s
º Some 80s
º Some 90s
º And today’s music 😀

Favorite Bands/Singers:
º Simon and Garfunkel (Alright, stop laughing!)
º Paul Simon (Yes, you got a problem with that?)
º Goo Goo Dolls
º Creed
º Bon Jovi